Somatic Experiencing

Nervous system rebalancing
for whole body relief


Direct tissue work
to release and realign


Heal trauma
and decrease stress


Movement education,
strengthen and lengthen

H Somatic


somatic pIt can no longer be denied the power of working with the body to address not just physical pain but also psychological distress and disease.  Somatic Experiencing (SE™) is a body oriented therapeutic approach that is pivotal to releasing and renegotiating past traumas as well as everyday anxiety and stress.  At its core, SE draws from a rich tapestry of disciplines, weaving together elements of physiology, psychology, ethology, biology, neuroscience, indigenous healing practices, and medical biophysics. Developed by Dr. Peter A. Levine, SE has evolved over more than four decades, demonstrating its efficacy in clinical applications.

Through a therapeutic approach rooted in coaching and dialogue, SE fosters the development of resiliency and the capacity to disentangle survival energy within the nervous system, guiding individuals back to their baseline states.

The nervous system, akin to a power bank, stores the imprint of our life experiences and, in doing so, shapes our relationship with the world and others. When trauma remains unresolved, the normal functioning of the nervous system is disrupted and so our felt experience and capacity for life.

By utilizing the tools of Somatic Experiencing, I facilitate the completion of self-protective motor responses, unlocking trapped survival energy within the body.  By doing so, both the profound impact of big traumas and the nuanced subtleties of minor ruptures are addressed with profound impact.  Together, we can work through the intricate tapestry of trauma, towards healing and liberation.

Somatic Addresses

Somatic Experiencing Addresses…

Stress, Anxiety, Depression
Grief And Heartbreak
Falls And Accidents
Birth And Developmental Trauma
Emotional And Physical Abuse
Medical Trauma
Ian G.

"Profound improvement in migraine symptoms after just 1 session.
I highly recommend Justin to anyone dealing with a chronic issue."

Ian G.

Sara F.

"Justin brings a lot of care to his work and it was a powerful shift for me.
Highly Recommend!"

Sara F.

Rachel C.

"I find my CranioSacral sessions with Justin to be greatly helpful
to my physical and mental health."

Rachel C.

Sophie N.

"Physically I am the strongest I have been in years, mentally the clearest.
Justin's energy is so comforting and safe. Absolute miracle worker."

Sophie N.

Kevin W.

"I'm so grateful Justin introduced me to CranioSacral therapy. I work in a high stress setting as a first responder and working with Justin has been nothing short of transformative."

Kevin W.

Bonnie Z.

"I am in front of a computer 10+ hrs a day and my body was jacked up, my results have
been amazing, he has helped my body align, shoulders relax and hips release."

Bonnie Z.