Nervous system rebalancing
for whole body relief


Direct tissue work
to release and realign


Heal trauma
and decrease stress


Movement education,
strengthen and lengthen

H Rolfing

ROLFING - Direct Tissue Work

rolfing pRolfing Structural Integration (Rolfing) is a manual therapy that is used to address postural imbalances and correct structural misalignments by targeting the connective tissue, or fascia, that weaves throughout the body. The overarching goal of Rolfing is to release, realign, and balance the entire body, offering a comprehensive resolution to discomfort, reducing compensations, and providing relief from persistent pain.

Fascia provides the main structure and support of the body, surrounding muscles, bones and organs.  It is innervated by nerves and serves as a highway of information relaying both physical and emotional information to the brain.  It is because of its prevalence, interconnectedness and intelligence that as a Rolfer, I choose to work with fascia and by doing so create the most long lasting and sustainable changes in the body.

Tired of getting your shoulders and neck worked on to temporary relief? Have you everconsidered that your shoulder pain may be due to an imbalance in the pelvis or legs?  These are some of the tricks of the connective tissue that leave many practitioners chasing symptoms with no resolve.  Rolfing can resolve symptoms at the root.  Say goodbye to temporary relief!

Rolfing sessions are hands on and the quality of touch ranges from superficial to deep as I look to tease apart the various layers, following one connection to the next.  Particularly stubborn fascial restrictions are given the time they need to release so that the experience is pleasant and relieving rather than painful.   

In the hands of a skilled Rolfer, the meticulous and transformative process of unwinding and reorganizing layers of fascia not only restores the body's natural integrity but also cultivates enhanced postural efficiency, liberating your freedom of movement and leaving you with a profound sense of comfort within your own body.

Rolfing Addresses

Rolfing Addresses…

Acute / Chronic Pain
Joint Stiffness
Range Of Motion
Spinal Compressions
Ian G.

"Profound improvement in migraine symptoms after just 1 session.
I highly recommend Justin to anyone dealing with a chronic issue."

Ian G.

Sara F.

"Justin brings a lot of care to his work and it was a powerful shift for me.
Highly Recommend!"

Sara F.

Rachel C.

"I find my CranioSacral sessions with Justin to be greatly helpful
to my physical and mental health."

Rachel C.

Sophie N.

"Physically I am the strongest I have been in years, mentally the clearest.
Justin's energy is so comforting and safe. Absolute miracle worker."

Sophie N.

Kevin W.

"I'm so grateful Justin introduced me to CranioSacral therapy. I work in a high stress setting as a first responder and working with Justin has been nothing short of transformative."

Kevin W.

Bonnie Z.

"I am in front of a computer 10+ hrs a day and my body was jacked up, my results have
been amazing, he has helped my body align, shoulders relax and hips release."

Bonnie Z.